Thursday, October 2, 2008



I Really don't know if i wanted to preserve my self and intellect from the twingling nature of work, when I started finding me in midst of books. It will be a falcity if i mean to say that i am in constant touch with any of the literary works. I occasionally go through some books, which i think, will be ineluctable. Here I would like to share some of my thoughts, which may seem meaningless. Kindly exempt me with this.

'Rathrimazha' is a famous work by the celebrated malayalam poet Sugathakumari. Being a committed social activist and great humanitarian, she plays an important role in ensuring safety and well being of the womenkind.

In this poem, the poet describes about different emotions of rain. We could see that what she sees in 'Rain' is her emotions itself. She succesfully draws her thoughts, grief, hope, frustraion and happiness in a wide canvas of 'Rain'.

In her sweet romantic times, she feels rain in its full aplomb. She sees it to be her best friend who always make her smile. But she describes another face of rain also. When she is frustrated, the very sound of rain gives her a lunatic feeling. It disturbs her like a mad woman uttering meaningless words and causing disturbance.

But later she realize what rain is all about. She finds the different emotions shown by rain truly reflects her pain, grief, ego, anger, happiness and she sees it as her own reflection. She realizes that the rain actually personifies herself.


Rathri mazha.. rathri mazha chummathe kenum chirichum vithumbiyum nirthathe pirupiruthum neeenda mudiyittulachum kuninjirikkunnoru yuvathiyaam bhranthiye pole...raathri mazha.....pandente sowbhagya rathrikalilenne chirippichu kulir koriyaniyicha vennilaavekkaal priyam thannurakkiyorannathe en prema saakshirathri mazha....raathri mazha..raathri mazhayodu njan parayatte ninte sokaardramam sangeethamariyunnu njan ninte alivum amarthunna roshavum iruttathu varavum thanichulla thengikarachilum pulariyethumbol mugham thudachulla nin chiriyum thidukkavum natyavum njanariyunnu..ariyunnathenthukondenno sakhee njanumithu pole rathrimazha pole...raathri mazha pole...raathri mazha pole..